2 Weeks with the 2-lb MacBook — Best Mac Ever


In 2015, this MacBook is all you need unless you are a diehard power user. I would rather wait once in a while than carry more than 2 lbs. The reviews on MacBook have been way too conservative and old school.

Advantages. I’m not going to dwell on it. But, a gorgeous 2-lb Mac is a joy to use. Yes, this gold one looks awesome and the warm gray does too. The force touch trackpad opens up lots of possibilities and certainly is the best trackpad Apple has ever made. The backlit keys look better than ever. The retina screen is as good as it gets. The USB-C port is state of the art and better than what you get with a brand new MacBook Pro or Air.  The only knock on it is that there’s only one of them and it’s brand new so there aren’t as many accessories for it — yet.

Power. I’m guessing only 5 – 10% of the computer-using population need more power than this. This is not an unpowerful Mac. Part of that is because it has a very fast state-of-the-art SSD in it. It’s got oomph for video. Yes, some of you need more power but you know who you are. The rest of us can party with a 2-lb Mac.

Only 1 Port Besides a Headphone Jack. It seems that everyone is all concerned about the lack of ports. I got this MacBook over 2 weeks ago and I’m doing just fine. Yes, I bought a $19 adapter to go USB3 to USB-C. That handles connecting iOS devices, USB sticks and hard drives. You’ll live. With 9 hours of battery-life, you don’t need to plug-in all the time. This is the first mobile-first Mac. Times change.

Thunderbolt Monitors — Not so Much. If you like to use your MacBook to drive a large Thunderbolt monitor and sit at a desk, the 2-lb MacBook may not be for you. You paid good money for a fancy Apple Thunderbolt monitor. You aren’t going to be happy that there is no adapter for Thunderbolt for this little guy. I’m not sure Thunderbolt is long for this world now that the powerful and versatile USB-C is rolling out. I still expect to see a USB-C adapter for Thunderbolt before long. There are quite a few Thunderbolt monitors out there and most of their owners have the bucks to buy the latest tech. Apple might even make an adapter if they get enough flak, but don’t hold your breath.

VGA and HDMI Monitors are a Go. If you have a VGA or HDMI monitor or monitors, buy Apple’s new USB-C VGA or HDMI adapters for $79. These adapters let you connect your USB-C power cable, your monitor and a drive or USB stick all at once. Your golden or space gray MacBook, even though tethered, will serve you just fine.

The Always with you Mac. With this tiny 2-lb carry, you can be portable in the living room, bedroom or local coffeehouse with an ease you’ve never known. Maybe you travel quite a bit.  I promise you this 2-lb Mac will compete with an iPad and will be your friend in the air and airport.

We now have a handheld Mac almost. As you probably know, I have an Apple Watch and need to stand every hour come hell or high water. With the MacBook, I can be on a Skype call and stand up, carry it around for a minute, and get my stand in.

If you are in the market for a new laptop this year and aren’t prioritizing on power at all costs, get this 12″ Macbook. It is smaller and lighter than the MacBook Air 11 with a bigger and better screen. The typing was fine from the moment I tried it in the store. I guarantee you the resale value on this state of the art Mac will beat the MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs hands down.

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10 thoughts on “2 Weeks with the 2-lb MacBook — Best Mac Ever”

  1. Reviewers seem even more split than usual, over the keyboard. It’s all over the scale.
    It has me hesitating a lot, because I love a good “clicky” keyboard with a distinct physical click, and a longish keythrow. (The normal Apple keyboards are not like this.) I’ve found a keyboard for my iPad which is wonderful in this aspect: Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad (with Lightning plug). It has the best keyboard feel outside a full desktop kb with mechanical switches.

    Some say the Macbook’s keyboard is so “flat” that it is not so far off just typing on the screen, feel-wise. But your experience seem to be different?

  2. Thank you!

    I have a MacBook on order and this is exactly the review I was looking for!

  3. Exactly the review that no one was bold enough to write. I tweeted a similar warning, that tech bloggers are either copy-carting the first lie – or are lying about speed, after owning mine for 1 wk.
    I run visual studio on mine and it does fine. If I need MacPro, I know which link to click but I need something I can whip up all the time because I can carry it all the time.
    Who edits 4K video on 8GB Ram while twiddling 2 screens of PhotoShop on any machine, anyway?
    If you are normal and wish to be ready wherever serious work calls, this machine will make you really happy.

  4. Eolake, re the MacBook keyboard. It’s not at all like typing on glass, but if you are now happy with a longer key-travel keyboard for you iPad, you may still be disappointed. I am very happy with this keyboard but it is all aspect including the big keys and solid connection with the new key tech. Connoisseurs of the bigger keyboards won’t get what they want with a 2-lb Mac. I’m just so thrilled with the 2-lb-er with a full-size keyboard and retina screen that I appreciate and am very happy about the tradeoffs.

  5. How come none of the Reviews on the 2 pound MacBook, are stressing the fact that if this single ONE port breaks, the entire computer becomes unusable.
    That alone is sufficient reason to not get one of these.

  6. Thank you, I hear you.

    I’ve always loved efficiency and compactness. (The number of compact cameras I’ve had…!) In the early century, I was begging Apple to make a compact laptop again. And I can’t say they have delivered. First, the 12 incher when there were three sizes. Then the Macbook Air. And now this Macbook (moniker-free).

    And each Mac I’ve owned for twenty years looks and feel better than the one before.

  7. I can’t wait !! This new Macbook will serve me well. In addition to my iPhone 6 Plus & 13″ Macbook Pro & iPad Air….Bryce

  8. CL, I’ve been using a dozen different Macs for twenty years, including laptops, and I have yet to have a single port break on me. (And if the power port breaks on a normal computer, you’re frigged too.)

    The battery is a bigger risk. For example, if you leave the machine plugged in all the time so the battery does not get “exercise”, it’ll be dead before long.

    Also a bigger risk are hard disks. But Solid State Disks like this one have, have no moving parts, so are probably statistically much safer.

  9. Chester, any brand new computer design is a little more of a risk than a 3 month old Mac design or a speed bump for an existing design like the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air. Those of you that are concerned about this can stay away but I am happy to take that extra risk to get more months of use and because I have seen Apple stand behind their computers like no company ever has. They are on top of this kind of thing. This MacBook is so cool and innovative that Apple will go out of its way to smooth any bumps you might experience. This is an easier decision to make, though, when you live about 3 miles from an Apple store like I do. I’ve gotten lots of freebies from Apple by talking with one of the store staff, Genius status or otherwise.

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