Apple Watch – Day 9 check-in


Which Apple Watch?

Acquired Apple Watch on April 24. I went with the Sport Watch for the price and the lightness over the Sapphire lens. So far no scratches. Part of my thinking was that Apple does an awesome job with aluminum. The iPhone looks stellar, why would I want to spend more to get stainless steel? It’s the same wrist-computer, after all. And, like I said, I wanted light.

Got the Space Gray with Black Sports Band. Working like a charm. Comfortable. Doesn’t bother me to keep it on all the time. Good to go! Yes. This is my dog, Spinner. Kind of fun to have her on my wrist.

Got the 42mm. This was a close call as I have small wrists. So the 42mm watch is pretty big on my wrist but I have worn bigger in the old days from time to time. And I survived. I went for the screen real estate and the extra battery life. No regrets.

Does Apple Watch Meet my Expectations?

It’s working great for my first goal of Standing regularly. This alone may justify the purchase. Actual Goal 1 was to learn about this new wearable computer something I’ve heard about for 20 years back when all this stuff was in the future. Now we have something real and backed by Apple’s economic power to change the world.

My minimum requirements are good. I haven’t mastered notifications so they are hit or miss and sometimes I get haptic notifications and sometimes not. I’m sure more will be revealed but I’m busy right now with work so don’t have oodles of time to sort all this out. At least now the Apple Watch is on my wrist so I’m getting to experience this ground breaking new release from day one.

Experiencing the Apple Watch

The experience is pretty transparent, actually, if you don’t count getting dinged to stand up every hour. I usually beat it to the punch partly because I’m afraid I’ll miss one of my hours and I like to get as many Stands as I can per day at this point in the game.

I don’t notice that the watch is on my wrist. That’s the transparent part. It’s just there. After a good 15 years not wearing a watch, it’s kind of handy to have one on my person. And in addition to my iPhone which might not be in an app that shows the time or is somewhere in the house but not on me. It’s pretty rare to not have the iPhone near, but the watch is really near. Even if it takes a half second to turn on.

I have no doubt I will be wearing this watch for the foreseeable future. At least until next year’s version that is. I would love to be able to control some of the variables myself. One great candidate would be how long the watch stays on before going to sleep. I would push it to at least 20 seconds over the current 15 unless battery life got to be an issue.

Looking forward to learning more and seeing cooler and cooler apps over time. Developers have had little to no time to learn how to take advantage of this device. As they learn and iterate, all sorts of improvements will be made.

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4 thoughts on “Apple Watch – Day 9 check-in”

  1. Hi Janet,
    I’ve chosen just the same colors and model as you, and I’ve seen other reviewers who have done the same, so it seems to be a popular combo! (I’m sure that it’s one of the best looking combos while also being one of the cheapest is a factor.)

    I would have liked the Vienese band, but apparently I’m a giant (6.4), because though I don’t have fat wrists, I need a 21cm band, and the V only goes to 20! (I think it’s weird that only a couple of their bands go past 20cm, what with the number of large people in the world these days.)

    I took it relaxedly about ordering one, maybe I was a day past opening. I had no idea this would mean mine won’t come until June!

    Have you tried using the watch as a remote trigger/finder for the iPhone camera?

  2. I just checked, and I found some articles about Apple I might be interested in. So, seemingly pretty much like this blog, but since I’d only subscribed to this blog, I hadn’t gotten notice of those posts.

    I wonder: why the split-up, and what goes on which blog?

  3. Hi Eolake – Sometimes I have a hard time deciding on where to put things myself. My Independent Knowledge Professional blog is my main one. I only post occasionally like every 6-12 months on my blog. And then there is my product, Studio Manager, blog which gets updates only about that. So, I would recommend the as a low volume addition because that’s where I evaluate the state of Apple. And I’m probably due for an update soon on that one.

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