Welcome to my technology for independent knowledge professionals site. I’m Janet. I’ve been running my own consulting business for over 20 years now. The previous incarnation of this site was called Tech Ronin and the many posts there are still available if a bit out of date in many case.

Consulting. After working 5 years for Control Data’s computer consulting subsidiary, I struck out on my own as a Macintosh computer consultant developing custom database systems for creative services firms in the SF Bay Area. I’m still here and still work mostly with creative professionals around technology.

My Software Product. Along the way, I developed a software product for creative services businesses to help them manage to budgets and deadlines. That product is called Studio Manager.

The Web. In 1995, I built my own website because I saw it as a revolutionary opportunity to make myself and my business visible (and discoverable) to others around the world. The plan has worked and I’ve gotten a lot of business from those who found me on the internet. Still do.

Blogging. I started blogging in 2003 and that was a step up from a static website. I love blogging and have written over 500 blog posts. I started on Twitter in 2007 and have been a twitter micro-blogger as @tokerud since then. I’ve written over 3500 tweets so far.

Technology is in my blood. I’m an early adopter and technology enthusiast. I’m always exploring and researching technology tools and techniques as they apply to being an independent knowledge professional.

Schooling. Along the way, I’ve acquired an MBA in Marketing and Information systems at UC Berkeley. I also have a Sociology MA from UCSF that I got when I was in my change the world phase that immediately preceded being a professional geek.

Coaching. One other little byroad to mention. Between 1999 and 2002, I studied and practiced life coaching as a sideline. I trained most extensively at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael. That means I can sprinkle some coaching into my work with independent knowledge professionals upon request.

Childhood. I knew you were wondering. I grew up in Salem, Oregon. Graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Psychology. Took my first computer course in high school. I’ve been in the SF area since graduate school. Been in Marin for about 20 years now. Left SF after the ’89 earthquake. Might move back one of these days.

This Blog. The Independent Knowledge Professional blog will be about personal technology, blogging, social media, the economy, social trends and anything I can think of that might be useful to someone who is a practicing independent knowledge professional of some sort. There are a lot of us. I’ll share what I can from my perch at the leading edge of all this amazing technology.

The Future. I’ve realized that I’m going to do all this research anyway and now is the time to begin to blog more about it, create information products, do more consulting and coaching and maybe even write a book or two. Come along for the ride if you like!

The WordPress Theme. Yeah, I guess it isn’t too original. This is the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme mostly unmodified. I am an advocate of the WordPress default themes just because it represents WP’s choice of theme, it leverages their best judgement on how to take advantage of WordPress and if you upgrade once in a while to their latest theme, you get new functionality that sometimes is needed. In this case, this theme is better for mobile. To my eye, this them looks and works great on my iPhone, iPad and retina Macbook Pro 13. I like this Lato typeface too! It was designed in the summer of 2010 by Polish designer: Łukasz Dziedzic. Lato is summer in Polish.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,

    I came across your website and am now reading your evaluation and thoughts about the app ThinkBook, thinking that what you write is very interesting. I live in Norway, and I must ask you the question: Do you have Norwegian ancestors? Because your name sounds pretty Norwegian, and in fact is also the name of a suburb in Oslo.

    Best wishes

    Morten Andersen

  2. Yes, I am half Norwegian. My grandfather was Torvald Tokerud. He did come from the Tokerud farm originally. I would love to learn more about my Norwegian ancestors. I know that my grand father had lots of sisters but no brothers and I think some of the sisters stayed in Norway. And my grand mother had lots of brothers who mostly came to the US. That surname may be Anderson or Andersen. Thanks for writing.

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