I’m Posting FileMaker Tips over on my FileMaker Fever blog

FileMaker_Pro_12_BoxI call myself a computer professional. The way I make my living is primarily by developing custom applications and selling my FileMaker-based application for creative services businesses (Studio Manager). In my spare time I’ve been working on this app I call Knowledger (see my last post).

Now I’m starting to talk about easy ways to get FileMaker to talk to other apps by pressing a button over at my FileMaker Fever Blog.

FileMaker is the knowledge worker’s database. It means you can have your specialty that’s not FileMaker and still get amazing things out of it. FileMaker consultants may find some tips they haven’t thought of or seen before, but my intended audience is you.

I don’t believe in hard to use, arcane database apps. I like the easy stuff so I can remain human and not be required to become a full-time programmer just to access, collect, use and manipulate data the way I want.

Hopefully, my FileMaker Fever blog will provide you with some simple FileMaker tips that you can use without asking a professional for help. That doesn’t mean you might not want to ask for a little help once and a while if you get ambitious and have a question.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Posting FileMaker Tips over on my FileMaker Fever blog”

  1. “FileMaker is the knowledge worker’s database. ”
    I like that! I think you should expand on that idea.

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