Waterfield MacBook Air 11 Smart Case with iPad Tucked in

Waterfield Smart Case for MacBook Air 11 with iPad 2 on top

In my previous post about the MacBook Air 11 and iPad 2, I mentioned that I had found a great Incase bag that will comfortably carry both the Air 11 and iPad 2.

The Smart Case from Waterfield has a different use case or two. I got the Smart Case to protect my MacBook Air in my backpack in case I fall or drop the backpack somehow. The Smart Case weighing 12 ounces is a nice compromise between weight and protection – providing a lot of protection for your Air.

Once I got the Smart Case though, another use appeared. I can carry the case by itself on Sunny days when I don’t need quite so much room or compartments. The Smart Case has one large flexible fine net pocket on its side. Cables can go easily here. If you don’t need cables or adapters, though, you can slip an iPad 2 into that pocket. It fits perfectly! Of course, protection on the back side of your iPad is not great, but that’s the back side — the front is protected by the whole Smart Case.

Now, normally I would reserve a bag of the quality and price ($79) of the Smart Case as a special occasion item. However, I am a devoted Waterfield bags fan and own many of their other products and find them incredibly well made. Waterfield’s service is ridiculously great. They are even based in SF which is a nice plus. I needed to get some kind of fitted sleeve for my new Air 11 and this is over the top functional, luxurious and protective. Watch Gary’s demo video about this bag and you may be convinced as I was.

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4 thoughts on “Waterfield MacBook Air 11 Smart Case with iPad Tucked in”

  1. I’ve used a fortune on Waterfield cases, they’re so good they become fetish items, like some Apple products and a few others. (I dunno, Bang And Olufsen?)

  2. Is there anything you know of like this (11″ + iPad 2) that will also open to allow use of MacBook air without having to remove from case (access to ports etc). I can find cases but nothing that would allow space or pocket for an iPad as well. Thanks!

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